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c6e3c31faec54fcb5f58d6f6b85d9cad658799b3 c6e3c31faec54fcb5f58d6f6b85d9cad658799b3
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Liru Færs Liru Færs c6e3c31faec54fcb5f58d6f6b85d9cad658799b3 c6e3c31faec54fcb5f58d6f6b85d9cad658799b3 Clean up logic
Router Gray <> Router Gray <> 0c3e1f602ab2aa5ac23c426d7ed26e1126c41f64 0c3e1f602ab2aa5ac23c426d7ed26e1126c41f64 [BOM] Fix universal wearables: sync a missed change from upstream, and make the inventory icon load.
Router Gray <> Router Gray <> d3a35e3f8ddb0c348f1d242faa801c2ff7a4dbcc d3a35e3f8ddb0c348f1d242faa801c2ff7a4dbcc Fix ancient bug in appearance editor
(ref viewer-release "MAINT-2564 FIXED Alpha mask does not hide hair in the Outfit Editor" and "MAINT-3399 Hairbase renders incorrectly in edit appearance mode")
Router Gray <> Router Gray <> b34bafc348ee98a88bc7e609f50eaed151101b41 b34bafc348ee98a88bc7e609f50eaed151101b41 [UI] Make graphics preferences Object LOD value limit agree with QuickPrefs limit
Router Gray <> Router Gray <> cdb316834ac6fc724719cb2f7136f3eaae455923 cdb316834ac6fc724719cb2f7136f3eaae455923 Exclude animesh from the AlwaysRenderFriends (and self) complexity exemptions.

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